Dr. Jeanette Jin

Dr. Jeanette Jin focuses on engagements in the areas of capital markets, risk management, governance and regulation, valuation, and securities litigation. Dr. Jin was an executive vice president, chief operating officer, and co-founder of Wilmington Trust Conduit Services (WTCS), where she oversaw all aspects of business operations. WTCS provided a broad array of administrative, trustee, custodial, operations, accounting, valuation, and risk management services to asset managers, investment banks, trustees, and other parties involved in the issuance and management of structured finance transactions.

Prior to joining WTCS in 2006, Dr. Jin was chief executive officer of Toucan Partners and president of PVA International, a New York-based consultancy focused on capital markets and risk management to major global financial institutions. She specialized in delivering key business and technology solutions. Clients included Citigroup, Société Générale, Bankers Trust, CIBC, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Central Bank of Columbia, Fifth Third Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America.

Earlier in her career, Dr. Jin held senior positions at Chemical Securities, Chase Securities, and Smith Barney, where she performed extensive analytics and modeling of prepayment risk, valuation of structured products for both trading desks and institutional clients.

Dr. Jin holds Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in finance from Drexel University Graduate School of Business, as well as a master’s degree in information science from Drexel’s College of Information Science. She served as an instructor in the Department of Finance at both Drexel University and Rowan College, where she taught investments and finance.
Dr. Jin has authored articles on a variety of topics in major industry publications. She has also coauthored several publications in financial journals on volatility in capital markets and Euro-currency markets. In addition, she coauthored “Corporate Governance and Operational Risk Management: A Practical Guide” with Peter Vinella.


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